Photo of Nichole Baiel

Hello there!


I'm Nichole, a front-end developer, designer and loving Chicago zinester.

I've been making websites and web applications for the last eight years, and my skill set is constantly evolving. At this point in time I am smitten with SASS, OOCSS, and animation expirimentation. I believe all these things make for richer experiences for end-users.

I have worked on many diverse teams over the years in many different environments, using my skills alongside user experience designers, creatives, .NET, Ruby, JS, and PHP developers, database architects, marketers and sales teams. I am always up for new challenges.

Right now I am taking the summer off to travel and volunteer within the tech community. My passion is making code education accessible to children, women, and people in underserved communities. I'm currently volunteering with CoderDojoChi and Girl Develop It, and am open to new summer volunteer opportunities.

I will be looking for full-time employment in the fall, but feel free to reach out and introduce yourself. New connections are always welcome!