Nichole is my name; creativity is my game.

Hello there. I'm Nichole. I live in a Chicago neighborhood with a killer Swedish bakery. During the day I work in an office. Perhaps you do the same. It seems par for the course, but the place I'm at is pretty swank given that it's a lab environment with open floor plans, collaboration, innovation, lots of chocolates in a co-worker's candy bowl, and plenty of bandwidth to stream music on Spotify.

When I'm not working I'm writing, making zines, stamping 1" buttons, or crafting with friends. Despite my love of technology and automation, I take pride in making things by hand. Perhaps you've picked up a zine of mine at Quimbys.

My UI/Front-End job is full-time, meaning I take time after 5 o'clock to take care of me. Freelance is on hold until otherwise specified.

If you would like to get in touch, hop on over to my LinkedIn account and leave me a message.

Be simple. Be human.

Zines rule.